Employment Opportunities At Bay Area Flying Club

Thank you for your interest in becoming part of our team!

Bay Area Flying Club strives to maintain a professional environment with great people, great pilots, and great instructors, where learning to fly or renting an aircraft is always an enjoyable experience and where personal growth as a pilot is strongly encouraged. Our diverse staff of Dispatchers/Customer Service Representatives and Flight Instructors have been personally selected as they ‘fit in’ with our unique environment by setting the example of what the club represents:

  • Professional Aviators
  • Competent and accurate communicators
  • Safety conscious
  • Punctual
  • Fun to be around!

The privilege of being part of our team is for those who meet the high standards of knowledge, experience, proficiency, and professionalism established by the club. These standards exceed FAA requirements and not every applicant will qualify. Submitting an application does not guarantee an interview, checkout, or employment.

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Front Desk Customer Service Representative/Dispatcher

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If you’re the type of person that enjoys extending exemplary customer service in a fun environment while promoting aviation and safety, you will be perfect for this opportunity! We’re looking for a qualified candidate to act as a liaison between customers and our company assisting with orders, billing, cancellations, complaints, errors and other queries while representing general aviation and the flying club with the highest level of professional service to members and prospective members.

Flight Instructor at Bay Area Flying Club

A Flight Instructor is the face of aviation to everyone that learns to fly. The conduct, opinions, and professionalism of a Flight Instructor will have a lasting impact on every student they encounter. The many hours spent together in the confined space of an enclosed cockpit are extremely influential. Every conversation will be recalled, every opinion will be remembered, and every flying skill demonstrated will be ingrained in that pilot for countless more hours, long after their initial training.